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Sleeping at dorm - experience for backpackers

As a popular travel destination for cheap tourists, there are more and more hostels in Vietnam for foreign backpackers. Compared to hotel stay, sleeping in hostel is cheaper. Dorm sleeping is divided into three forms: mixed dorm, female dorm and male dorm. Not all places are divided into three categories. Many places are divided into mixed dorm and female dorm. In Vietnam most hostels offer mixed dorms.
Vietnam backpacker hostel
Depending on facilities, the price of dorm rooms varies between cities, in Hanoi or Sai Gon it cost about 3-5 usd/person a night. The two most prominent advantages of dorm sleeping in Vietnam is the cheap price and many opportunities to make friends, or simply have the environment to talk and chat with other travelers from many countries if you are open minded

In addition, communication can help you get more information about cultures or help you feel not alone in strange land (for those who are sensitive to this). On top of that, at the dorm you can find information about the destination, buy short-term tours, buy cheap tickets to the sightseeing places, resort, find a companion...when traveling in Vietnam.

The negative side of dorm sleep is that it eliminates private space and the comfort of those who respect these two criteria (sleeping in the same room, how to have private space and how to ask for more comfortable at cheap price).
Dorm sleeping in Vietnam
How to find a good hostel for dorm sleeping in Vietnam?
I do not know what people do however I myself prefer to choose a hostel in Vietnam travel sites with full reviews. The reviews are very important, just some basic English is enough to read the reviews of backpackers about the hostels and dorms they have been to. They reviewed all aspects of a hostel from the staffs service attitude, friendly or not or, if they care for guests, quality of breakfast (usually included), room quality, the location of the hostel is convenient to go to for eating, shopping, matter how big the room, the price of the bed is good or overpriced, the room is clean, no bath, no toilet and how to book...You need to select a hostel carefully to avoid trouble
After reading the review, filter out the places you feel OK then you should find and go directly to the home page of the hostel to book your bed.
In Vietnam, dorm bed prices range from $5 to $10 per night. Hostels in Vietnam are available in Hanoi, Sai Gon, Hoi An, Hue, Da Lat, Nha Trang...

Sleeping in a dorm in Vietnam you need to prepare against noise and light, because of cultural differences that lead to differences in way of living. For example you want to sleep but other room-mates are still drinking, watching tv.... So, carrying something to cover your eyes, covering your ears is never superfluous.
hostel lobby
It is very important to protect your own belongings such as laptop, hand phone, wallets, credit cards, personal papers, cameras...Keep these things by your side any time you leave the room, the owners of the hostels will take no responsibility if your stuff are stolen or lost, most hostels have lockers to store valuable things, some places don't have lockers or broken, I recommend that you bring a small lock with you when you use the locker, money, important papers, passports...keep with you all the time, even when taking a bath, toilet, go to bed also to be careful.