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Vietnam train travel


First you need to go to the train station where you live. Suppose you live in Ho Chi Minh city then go to Saigon Railway Station and check the train schedules and routes. When you go to the station remember to bring paper with pen plus a map because the station does not have a map for you and you are best look at the schedule yourself, do not ask the train staff as they will give you an uninterested look, don't expect dedicated attitude from them.
If you take a train through Vietnam, select the slow train (S train) but do not select the fast train (train E). The reason is that you are traveling. As fast train will have time stops at the station very quickly (to save time).
If you choose to each individual point, fast or slow is your choice.
After having journey map and mark the points where the train will stop, go back home and prepare yourself.

A trans Vietnam journey you will need:
Vietnam train travelA map suitcase with wheels to be towed away. A bag with wheels is very important. The reason is that it takes a long distance from station door to the train, sometimes even a mile. With a slender girl carrying a big suitcase is mission impossible while the boy is not able to carry his own luggage coupled with the girl's stuff. On the way to travel, you can not ask for help from other people. They will jostle you, nudge your hips rather than help you. Besides, the suitcase should have a lock and water proofed in case it rains.

Other things:
- A small torch, tied to a string and put it around your neck, the reason is sometimes electricity on train is off or when the train is going though the mountain tunnels everything will be in the dark, very inconvenient.
- A small hand towel to wash your face
- A roll of toilet paper
- Abdominal pain medicine
- Water
- Some snacks if you wish
- Camera: treat with your camera is an art, you should not say that your camera is worth lots of money and caressing it in front of other people. After getting off the station, some photos of the train activities have been done you should put it in a locked bag and close to you.
- Money should be kept in your ATM card, just leave some small amount for small things such as water or candies. ATM card should be left in the wallet and put the wallet in the pocket of the pants if you are a man and close your pocket. If you are a girl you can put the card in a safe bag.
- You should wear Jeans and T-shirt, thick but short sleeves, low shoes ( women)

Choose seats on trains
If possible you should choose a seat close to the window. Ask the ticket sellers and they will show you, however one disadvantage is that if the train passes places where the train is thrown stones remember to close the windows and prepare safety measures.
If you choose a bed in normal cabins( a typical cabin has 4-6 beds ) you should choose lower beds or the beds on top, not the middle one as it will save you lots of inconvenience when other passengers move up and down. If you want to have some privacy and a bit of luxury you can book the whole cabin so that you can have all the beds to yourself, price for a bed depends on your journey, a soft bed from Hanoi to Sapa costs about 45 usd, from Hanoi to Hue is worth about 70 usd depending on cabin classes, at the moment only Livitrans train offers tourists trains from Hanoi southwards to Hue and Danang.

Living on the train
Eating: Food on trains is usually pretty bad. Especially with the picky eater. Ideally, you should prepare yourself some delicious dishes and carry with you. It would be a tragic to travel in normal class with the food provided by train company, however if you want to try just do it, when you eat please keep clean and dont throw rubbish to other passengers' seats, that will be very annoying. If you share a cabin with foreign visitors that you eat durian or shrimp sauce then please ask them or get out of the cabin or open the windows.
Drinking: You'd better bring your own drinks as prices on train is relatively high. You should keep yourself awake and say NO to alcohol items. Intoxication can cause you to lose all the baggage and other things ( if you are female and traveling alone - don't create a chance for the evils right? ). Do not drink from the people in the same cabins. Of course evildoers are everywhere but it is also a good precaution.

Arrange luggage.
If you book a seat, put your baggage neatly under your seat or put it in the storage compartment and put a label on it. If you are on a bed just push the bag into the corner and close to your head, in case you fall asleep that someone rummage through your belongings they will take some time and you can wake up. However, this "action " should be done discreetly, otherwise people will think that you have diamonds. If in you are on top bed put your luggage in the compartment above your head and DO NOT OPEN IF NOT REALLY NECESSARY. The key of your suitcase should carry with you all the time.


You do not leave the light on if the companion is asleep. You want some light reading can turn on the light at your bed. At night, you should leave the door open if there is a certain companion still awake. In general, do not open the door if people knocked on the door late at night and proved something suspicious.
Keep your privacy : if you go with spouse/lover should remember that the train cabin is not the place to show the love actions. When your cabin companions ask you to watch their bags just remember not to keep their keys.

Getting off the train:
Wait for people to go first in order to avoid crowds, no one chases you away at all. If you have to leave urgently then follow the steps below.
- Fold the blankets and see if you leave something behind
- Put your mobile phones in your pant pocket
- Put your bag in the middle of the cabin and check if you don't miss anything

When you get off the train remember to keep yourself at a certain distance, if you have to jostle use your hands to keep other people get close to you. Don't ask other passengers to help you tow your suitcases or watch your luggage if you don't want to lose everything.

If you choose taxi, pick the clear signs of major labels and remember the driver name, car number.
If you choose "Xe Om" (motorbike taxi), get out of the area around the station and catch one.

Travelling by train is a great experience when you sit there looking at the sparkling stars on the sea surface, the fishing boat catching squids at night or the train running train along the mountain in the day time you will see the whole sky and sea. Do not forget trying to take beautiful photos. Finally, remember to practice my tips so there is nothing to regret when leaving the train.

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