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You are planning a trip to Vietnam and are having difficulties deciding where to go and what to do, what you cannot miss and what to skip. From the feedbacks of our customers, Tailormade Vietnam Holidays would like to recommend some activities considered by travellers as must-do's when you are in Vietnam....

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Vietjet Air launches food promotion


Vietjet Air announced that passengers booking tickets and food in advance will have a 20% discount and have priority to choose favourite dishes. Especially, passengers will save 45% of total cost when booking tickets, food and drinks with Vietjet Air. Passengers have to book 36 hours in advance with 9 hot dishes, 20 instant dishes and drinks prepared by chef of a 5 star restaurant.

Vietjet Air launches food promotionThe promotion is valid for all domestic and international flights of Vietjet Air, except under 1 hour flight such as: Ho Chi Minh city - Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City - Quy Nhon...

According to recent statistics, Vietjet Air is one of the 5 cheap airlines founded in Vietnam since 2006 and is the oldest cheap carrier, it is considered as the most favourite airline for travelers

To mention cheap airlines, the first company was Air Mekong, invested by BIM Group, a company specializing in real estate and food processing, had to close its service due to fuel debts. Trai Thien Air Cargo has stopped operations due to rising costs, similar to the Indochina Airlines. A lot of visitors choose cheap airlines to travel Vietnam and Vietjet is the only private airline exists in Vietnam so far.

Started in 2011 Vietjet has become the 2nd biggest airlines in Vietnam, accounting for 15% market while 70% belongs Vietnam Airlines. In 2011, Jetstar Pacific launched the first program to sell tickets starting from 0 VND, according to the program 500 first passengers were exempted from all duty and taxes. The whole tickets sold out in a very short time while the waiting list is hundreds of times higher.

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