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Train journey Hanoi to Hue


We landed on the continent in late August. Apart from one or two showers in Sumatra, we are always passed between the drops, especially in Bangkok that ended up under water shortly after our visit. After northern Laos and Vietnam, we arrive in Hue in the center of the country. Three months ago we play hide and seek with the monsoon. And now for the first time, we meet the real season Asian rainy low gray sky, torrential rain, vehicles and people who wade through the flooded streets.
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Nothing to rejoice in Marseille ... Already in normal times, we do not like the rain, but after 4 months, we had forgotten how sad ...

Furthermore, was stirred overnight. We arrived on a night train, the Reunification Express, not so express it elsewhere, since puts 15h to browse approximately 600 kms. Journey Hanoi - Hue train with a sunrise across the plains of rice paddies have been a delight, but here ... yes

When booking, Isa takes care to make the most comfortable among the four proposed classes choice: hard sitting, soft sitting, lying hard, soft bed. The "soft coated" class present in compartment 4 (when the "hard down" is 6). One way to minimize costs and to be only every 5 is to take 4 tickets and tighten in a compartment "soft coated". After all, family crowd, it was already done ...

As usual, I volunteered to sleep on the extra mattress we trimbalons mattress that is neither hard nor soft, but extra fine ... The train starts in Hanoi as planned at 19:30 picnic bread - "Laughing Cow" - Mandarins - chocolate (! that luxury goods in a country like Vietnam) is a treat. We ask the computer on the central panel and can connect to a power outlet. We expect a small cozy evening with family, super friendly. Isa and I propose to look together an old 80's movie that we believe should appeal to many girls. Only the train noise is infernal and even with the volume up, you hardly hear anything. Is allowed to fall quickly.

I notice also a lateral movement of well over what I usually know train, and that will cause me "an evil railroad" I never suspected. Even before the opening credits finish to announce Claude Brasseur, Brigitte Fossey, and Sophie Marceau, I slip into the sleeping bag, wedged between the two rows of bunks. But on the ground, lateral movement is particularly sensitive. A stamp Nautamine and vomit bag are necessary in case my stomach eventually go up a little too.

The rest of the family slept pretty well. I woke up a hundred times. At 10 am, the train stops in Hue. We swallowed up in a taxi, which again we shot lead us in a hotel that is not what we want. It starts to do well these tandems crooks driver - hotel ... We take our rooms in the hotel we wanted to 11am. There is a magnificent citadel in Hue, it seems ... But for now, we have not had the courage to leave.

At 17:30, it's dark and it always falls buckets of water. Advantage: the sequence starts on 4 CNED hubcaps! It is now 23h, we could watch "La Boum". Outside, it's still raining ...

Well, like what our life is not always traveler exciting. We also talk about rain and fine weather and we take much to live for days "November to French" ... During this time (and in that time), the Vietnamese them keep smiling. It's nice.

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