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Khe Van waterfall in Binh Lieu district


Located 15km from Binh Lieu township, the road to Huc Dong commune is wilding as a flexible silk band, along the way, Tay people's houses lie peacefully in the distance. In this scene, visitors feel like going in a journey to discover the natural beauty and human identity of a borderland region. It is also the path to Khe Van waterfall - landscape of Binh Lieu district in Quang Ninh province.

Khe Van waterfallAccording to local elderly people, the original name is Khe Van, gradually the name is mispelled as Khe Van. It is not clear if true or not but at least it makes visitors feel curious and excited. Khe Van waterfall is located 3km from Huc Dong people's committee, the waterfall can be reached by motorbike or on foot. The waterfall is about 100 m high with wide space. In rainy season water is plentiful, 3 levels whispering like a heroic song of the forest. each level bears a different look.

The first level is the large water flows down from the high cliffs forming a large lake, water in the lake is clear blue, coupled with white screen of waterfall plus flowers and trees on the cliffs leaving the scene becomes more beautiful and poetic. In the right corner of the lake is a complex of sheer angular rock formations and create a wonderful natural landscape.

The second level is divided into two smaller flowing waterfalls, water flows from the top hitting stone background behind creating multi storey white water bubbles. At the foot of the waterfall, flowing water pouring into the rock forming a water tank. Khe Van waterfall has huge and flat stone blocks create an ideal getaway.

The third floor, water flows down from the second floor and poured out streams. There are big rocks at the foot of the waterfall, there is a huge rock in the midle like a prostrating elephant. The rocks reaching above clear blue water creating an attractive and exotic appeal to explore travelers.

From Khe Van water flows into Pac Hooc and into Tien Yen river. Therefore Khe Van waterfall can be considered as the source of Tien Yen river.

With beautiful natural scenery, Khe Van waterfall used to be a meeting point where boys and girls from San Chi people dated, sang traditiona songs. The songs are usually held in mid- March of lunar year. The festival is called the March festival and attract both men and women of the San Chi ethnic people and the surrounding areas. Many couples have become husbands and wives from the festival.

Khe Van waterfall is the most famous scenic spots of Binh Lieu, a destination for many local young people from the neighbourhood and across the country, as there are more and more international tourists becoming interested in the spot as a stop in their Vietnam tours, the district people's committee is planning to make this an eco tourist spot and ethnic culture. In the future, visitors to Khe Van waterfall will enjoy cultural and art acts performed by song groups. Beautiful natural scenery, the cultural and ethnic identity is promoted, promising to be an attractive destination.

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