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Earth Phoenix in Ninh Binh


Only 2.5 hours drive from Hanoi, Trang An is a popular destination for day trips, visitors doing Vietnam tours cannot miss Ninh Binh as part of their trip.

Phoenix is one of the four supernatural creatures (Dragon, Unicorn, Tortoise, Phoenix), the legendary sacred animals. Although the existence of the phoenix is still controversial, but the Earth Phoenix is completely true . Scientific name of earth Phoenix is Buceros bicornis , the largest species of hornbills living in some wood areas in Vietnam and Trang An - Ninh Binh is where most mentioned.

Earth Phoenix in Binh BinhTrang An eco resort is 90 km from Hanoi . With charming picturesque mountains and water and wild cave systems , many Buddhist visitors after their pilgimage to Bai Dinh pagoda and sightseeing Hoa Lu ancient capital would drop by Trang An.

Trang An complex is considered "Geology Museum in the open air" or Halong bay without water, The area is famous for scenic values, geomorphology, biodiversity, cultural and social history, It has many relics, remants of prehistoric men from 5000 - 30.000 years ago in the caves. Vestiges of the dynasty, temples, pagodas are very well preserved. Along with a diverse ecosystem, rich with many rare species recorded in Vietnam Red Book, which makes landscapes of Trang An the meeting place of nature lovers.

Owing to the natural environment , Trang An boasts a diversified system of flora - fauna. Guests will have the chance to admire the monkeys , antelope , pangolins , otters ...playing on water or on the trees.

Living in herds however Earth Phoenix is rare birds, few visitors to Trang An have a chance to see them, Earth Phoenix is about 100 - 120 cm wingspan. Their recognition is the black and bright yellow hat atop large beak. Females are smaller and have blue eyes instead of red eyes . Males often plume themselves in order to make their wing feathers brighter.

People believe that only one time in life encountering the earth phoenix will bring luck to him. Whether it is true or not , it is clear if you see an earth phoenix you are luckier than millions of tourists coming here.

According to Oriental mythology, the Phoenix is a symbol of grace and virtue , and the sacred animal second only to the Dragon. Image of phoenix have appeared in eastern Asia 7 thousand years ago, usually in the jade pieces.

Phoenix is also a symbol of elegance and good luck, and represents the harmony of yin and yang . According to legend , it appears in time of peace and prosperity . In ancient times, image of the phoenix can be found in the decoration of the royal wedding together with dragons . This is because the Vietnamese considered the dragon and phoenix is the symbol for happy relationship between husband and wife , a kind of metaphor of yin and yang

Earth Phoenix build their nests in the beginning of rainy season when the forest hasn't yet got young leaves. A brood of Earth Phoenix lay about 5 eggs, 3 of them will hatch, their nests are about 10m above the ground. In order to take a picture of them you need a high quality camera and some climbing skills without height phobia plus a little more understanding of living for close access.

Not only Earth Phoenix, Trang An has many other attractions, it is peaceful space of the water and the cave system following one after another. Dark cave with its narrow and wide bed, Light cave with glittering stalagmites and limestone shoots, Wine cave and Rice cave with the legend of a giant making wine and cooking rice in the mountain.

Thanks to interlaced cave system transporting water through the canyons, Trang An is cool throughout the year even in summertime.

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