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Attractive Cao Bang


Cao Bang, capital of the province of the same name, is a small town at 300 m altitude mild climate. This northern province bordering China is inhabited nine ethnic groups including the Tay, Nung, Dao and H'mong.

Cao Bang townTemperate climate with four seasons, pintemps, summer, autumn and winter, and even light snow in the winter to as high as some mountainous regions Trung Khanh Linh and Tra. The temperature is highest in May and the coldest in January. The average temperature is 25-28 C in summer and 16-17 C in winter.

In addition to the historical sites related to the August Revolution of 1945, the region of Cao Bang has several tourist attractions very attractive with beautiful mountains and rivers.

The Ban Gioc waterfalls
Marking the border with China, Thac Ban Gioc are the most spectacular waterfalls in the country. Pits 300 m wide with an elevation of 53 m, they are terraced on three levels. They are fed by the waters of the Quay Its speed varies depending on the season. The maximum flow is generally observed in summer. The waters are collapsed in heavy rumblings audible for miles, giving a nascent misty halo dress all the way up the cliff. This high concentration of water in the air under the cool surroundings. In nature triumphant French settlers had begun installing a spa furnished cottages along the river. It came to be reinvigorated, fish and hunt deer. If the Chinese side, the tourism infrastructure have grown dramatically, the Vietnamese side is preserved in its original environment.

Nguom Ngao Cave
Just 2 km from the waterfall to the sprawling cave Nguom Ngao, considered one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam. It can be accessed through two entrances, but most visitors come by to stand by one another. The galleries are about 3 km long, and one of them leads to some not falling, where is an entry called "secret".

Pac Bo Cave
Pac Bo, Tay source dialect, is located in the commune of Ha Truong sixty kilometers from Cao Bang and three of the Chinese border, at the intersection of rivers and T'rung Mang. The site contains the Coc Bo Cave, where Ho Chi Minh took refuge in 1941, on his return from a long journey of 30 years worldwide. For nearly four years he lived in this cave. Ho Chi Minh named the stream that ran in front of his cave the "Lenin" and a neighboring mountain "peak Karl Marx." A one kilometer from the Coc Bo cave, found the barracks Khuoi Nam, where Ho Chi Minh presided in May 1941, the 8th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party.

Thang Hen Lake
About twenty kilometers from Cao Bang, Lake Thang Then looks like a miniature Halong Bay with its 36 lakes, especially in the rainy season. The rest of the year, small lakes are dry except the main lake Thang Then. Appears the mouth of a cave that can be visited by boat.
Legend has it that Chang Sung was once a beautiful and intelligent young man loved his mother, who had decided that his son would be Mandarin, and marry a beautiful girl. After brilliant studies, Chang Sung was received in support of mandarin. An official letter notifying him the good news * reliable, ordering him to go to the Royal Palace a week later. The mother then passed to the second stage of his plan, and hastily arranged a marriage with Biooc Luong (Yellow Flower), a beautiful girl. Chang Sung, overwhelmed with happiness, almost forgot his royal appointment, just to remember that day. Not wanting to risk disappointing her mother, iI appealed to the forces of darkness to help reach the Royal Palace in time, with a flock of giant leaps. Unfortunately, clumsy is disoriented, he injured, creating each step, a new small crater. The last bond placed at the top of Ma Phuc Pass, where he died exhausted before turning to stone. In the rainy season, the 36 craters filled with water giving rise to 36 lakes Thang Hen ...

Market Narang
In the province of Cao Bang, mainly populated by Tay, Nung then, H'mong, Dao, Kinh and Lolo, Narang market is among the most beautiful provincial markets.

Phuc Sen Village
The village artisans specialize in traditional forge. The village is situated on the road towards Ban Gioc Waterfalls.

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