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Mui Ne


Located about 180km to the north east of Ho Chi Minh city, Mui Ne town in Phan Thiet is famous for fish sauce, one of the best in the country.

However Phan Thiet is not only famous for fish sauce. Along highway 1A out of town, visitors will reach Mui Ne, one of the best beach resort area in Vietnam.

Coming to Mui Ne, besides enjoying local marine specialities, tourists can also visit beautiful natural landscapes such as Hon Rom island, Fairy Spring, Bamboo village and especially the sand dunes.

The most interesting thing in Mui Ne is to visit the sand dunes, sand is stacked in hills and mountains, one after another like in a desert, running towards horizon, this is really a heaven for photo lovers, the best time to visit sand hills is in the late aternoon when sun is about to set, it is time to discover the magics of the sands, a lot of travellers stay overnight on the sands, in the tents just like nomadic people.

If you want to visit and island offshore, Hon Rom must be the one, here you can take a grand view of blue skies and clean water, climb on the cliffs and take a nap in the crystal white sand beach. On the way to Hon Rom, visitors must also stop by Lang Tre or Bamboo village, this is a newly built tourist village, composed of hexagonal houses made from bamboo, including furniture such as tables, beds...

Visitors can also come to Mr Land Rock, located in the south of Mui Ne, here you can enjoy the beach, stay overnight in thatched huts and eat sea food, Mr Land for a long time has been considered as a charming landscape, here you can take a momentarily and hear the coconut trees singing with the wind.




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