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The former capital city of an independent Vietnam since 1802, Hue was not only a political centre, but also a cultural, religious centre under Nguyen Dynasty until 1945. The Perfume river winding through the citadel, forbidden city and royal palace enhances the beauty of this original feudal city.

In Hue there are more than 1000 works from 20 group of relics including the citadel system, palaces, temples, tombs ... and unique works of art which have been recognized as a UNESCO world cultural heritage. Hue is also the center of Buddhism in the country with over 100 ancient temples; and a place for keeping many intangible cultural heritage as the type of art, music, dances provide home, food, festival , in handicrafts, customs and habits ... special identity, cultural integration between the home and also folklore. Many monuments in Hue is priceless architectural work, attract researchers and tourists, firstly where the Nguyen Dynasty kings have reigned.

The most worth visiting place is Hue must be the royal citadel, or Purple Forbidden City, the citadel was built on the territory of Phu Xuan village so most Capital Cities also known as Thanh Phu Xuan. The Emperor Gia Long started construction in 1804. The citadel has four doors, including door Ngo Mon Gate is the most important.

To the west the Citadel, situated on the banks of the Perfume River, tombs of the Nguyen kings considered the achievements of landscape architecture materialized. The Kings' tombs, sometimes a paradise created for owners to enjoy when they were still alive, and then became eternal when they passed away. With that notion the tombs of Nguyen Kings all have a completely unique architecture in Vietnam

Besides citadel, palaces, magnificent tombs, Hue
preserved many unique architecture works of art associated with the institution of royal authority. Mix between the original unique architectures, we also have Temple of Nam Giao - where Kings worshipped Heaven, Xa Tac temple where Earth Spirit, Rice Spirit were dedicated, and Ho Quyen, or Tiger Arena where tigers and elephants fought....





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