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One pillar pagoda


One pillar pagoda, Hanoi, Vietnam


The One Pillar Pagoda stands in the park behind the Ho Chi Minh museum. It rises on a one pillar (concrete in its rebuilt form) from the middle of a square lotus pond. The small square structure has a tile roof that curves up elegantly. It was built in 1049; rebuilt many times, most recently in 1955 following its destruction during the evacuation of the French. Legend has it that Ly Thai Tong had a dream vision of Quan Am sitting on a lotus flower and promising him a male child. Thus, he had this pagoda built, itself sitting on a pond like a giant flower on its tall stem.

A narrow flight of stairs leads to the tower where there sits a gilded figure of Quan Am, to whom the pagoda is dedicated.

A gilded figure of Quan Am sits in the dim interior upon lotus blossoms. The lotus throne in Buddhist iconography is reserved for those who have obtained "perfect comprehension."






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