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You are planning a trip to Vietnam and are having difficulties deciding where to go and what to do, what you cannot miss and what to skip. From the feedbacks of our customers, Tailormade Vietnam Holidays would like to recommend some activities considered by travellers as must-do's when you are in Vietnam....

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Co Loa citadel



Dating from the 3rd century BC, Co Loa Citadel (Co loa Thanh) was the first fortified citadel in Vietnamese history and became the naiional capital during the reign of Ngo Quyen (AD 939-4-1). Only vestiges of the ancient ramparts, which enclosed an area of about 5 sq km, remain. In the centre of the citadel are temples dedicated to the rule of King An Duong Vuong (257-208 BC), who founded the legendary Thuc dynasty, and his daughter My Nuong (Mi Chau). Legend tells that My Nuong showed her father's magic crossbow trigger, which made him invincible in battle, to her husband, the son of a Chinese general. He stole it and gave it to his father. With this not-so-secret weapon, the Chinese defeated An Duong Vuong, beginning a thousand years of Chinese occupation. Co Loa Citadel is 16km north of central Hanoi in Dong Anh district, and can be visited as a short detour while on the way to or from Tam Dao Hill Station






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