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Bia Hoi


Bia Hoi - steem beer Vietnam


The most beer Hanoians drink is "bia hoi" that means "steam beer". It is a kind of premature beer. 

In the summer, after a hard working day or after a short exercise, nothing is more refreshed than a couple glass of "biahoi". The restaurants store the beer barrel in a cellar filled with ice. Important is that the beer stays at a fixed temperature (it is the secret of each restaurant) for a fixed time, if the temperature is hotter the beer will be bitter. Otherwise it will be sourer.

From the barrel beer is poured in 400ml glass and will be brought to customers. People usually order some meat dishes to accompany the beer. Sometimes people (mostly men) can spend more than 6 hours drinking "bia hoi". You can find "bia hoi" almost on every street, it is a great idea to sit on the sidewalk of a street corner drinking "bia hoi" and chat with your friends.






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