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You are planning a trip to Vietnam and are having difficulties deciding where to go and what to do, what you cannot miss and what to skip. From the feedbacks of our customers, Tailormade Vietnam Holidays would like to recommend some activities considered by travellers as must-do's when you are in Vietnam....

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Army museum



Army Museum in Hanoi occupies a special poignant position among the six national museums as it depicts the war history of Vietnam and embodies the armed struggle of the Vietnamese people. 

Features of Army Museum in Hanoi
- Army Museum in Hanoi spread on an area of10.000 square meter was founded on Dec, 22nd 1959.
- Army Museum in Hanoi offers a vivid and fascinating history of the Vietnam War under the leadership of Vietnam's communist party and of president Ho Chi Minh.
- Hanoi flag Tower, a national historic cultural monument, shares the adjoining ground with the Army Museum in Hanoi. The construction of 31 meter high Hanoi flag Tower got completed in 1812. 
- The history of Vietnam's struggle for peace, independence and freedom of the nation is best captured in the thousands of exhibits displayed in the Army Museum in Hanoi.
- The exhibits of Army Museum in Hanoi primarily comprises of maps, scale models, military weapons and personal belongings of individuals associated with war the best part of the museum is that all the displayed items are accompanied by English translations.
- Army Museum in Hanoi displays a wide collection of military waste including a Mig fighter, anti aircraft missiles, tanks, and remarkable heap of wreckage from a US B52 bomber and French prop driven plane that were both blast in the Hanoi area and the tank that explode through the gates in Saigon during the battle for liberation.
- The Army Museum in Hanoi is located just opposite to the park which is adorned by a statue of Lenin and the address of the Army Museum, Hanoi is 28A Dien Bien Phu Street, Hanoi Vietnam.
- The Army Museum in Hanoi is open for the visitors from 9a-11a & 2p-4p Tu-Th, Sa & Su.






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