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Tips to book a Vietnam holiday at low cost

Booking a cheap holiday to Vietnam through a travel company you leave everything at the arrangement of the tour operator without worrying about transports, itinerary, hotel accommodation, food and eating...however travelers don't know how to choose the right tour you will have a boring trip and thus waste your money. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for the experience of buying cheap tour with good quality.
Tips to book a Vietnam holiday at low cost
Some experiences about how to book tour at cheap prices:
- Choose tour company
Currently, there are many tour companies in Vietnam but not all companies are reliable and trustworthy. Especially some agencies sell tours to customers and then sell to other operators in order to get commission or un-experienced travel companies run tours with low quality. Below we give you a tip to find out a reliable travel company:
+ Check company's name, large tour companies usually have better reputation than other companies.
+ Operating time of the company: If a travel company founded for a long time and still operating it means that travel companies are doing well
+ Study the specific products of the travel company: There are some companies specializing in special tours and their products are usually better than the same products of other companies, for instance if you want to book a cheap holiday to Vietnam you should stay away from deluxe companies that usually offer high end services, just search around the net for budget tour companies or cheap travel agent that run the tours for backpackers.
+ Check with friends who have done the trip to Vietnam before, it is always a good idea to book the trip through recommendation of your friends or past travelers
+ Check information about the tour company through internet. To find out if the tour companies are of good quality or not, you can go to prestigious forums: Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet to read feedbacks and review from other travelers.
+ Travel companies with good names usually offer higher prices than small or unknown companies. Small companies usually organize cheap holidays and thus put down service quality. However please note that the same itinerary offered by different companies with different prices the reason is the quality of services such as hotels, transport, food...
+ You need to find out if the company's program is affordable and assured quality services, don't be too concerned about the brand name, even the most reputable company has bad services and an unknown company may satisfy you with their decicated service.

Stay away from shopping tours:
A note when booking a tour that is stay away from the tours that focus on shopping activities. A tour with shopping activities are usually cheaper than a non-shopping tour, the reason is the tour companies have commission from the shops and they bring tourists to the shop as part of the deal.
To offer commission to the travel companies the shops and stores have to put up prices on their products or sell low quality products to tourists, many tourists got ripped off from buying souvenirs at these shops.
Our tip is check the program carefully by yourself, stay away from tourist trip shopping places. If you like shopping you can do it in your free days.

Study the itinerary, airlines, hotels...
When booking a Vietnam holiday at cheap price you need to check if the price includes everything from food, accommodation, transport as a package, most tour companies in Vietnam don't include air fares, tax and other hidden cost, for example a tour to Hue and Danang doesn't mention transportation by road or flight from Hanoi or Sai Gon, or how you will get to hotel from airport and vice need to make this clear before booking a tour, make sure that there is no hidden cost.

In addition, you should also learn about the standard and quality of the hotels in tour, room type and quality of service, check flight times, the waiting time at the airport and select the tour that has appropriate flight time in the morning. For example a 5 day 4 night tour but departs in the evening you will lose one day or the tour operators buy cheap tickets for travelers to fly at midnight and you will need to pay extra for late check out at your hotel.

If your tour is a road trip you need to pay attention to vehicles, type of car, quality is not good or not. Do not accept the old car with cramped seat that will affect your well being. In addition, you also pay attention to places to visit, choose the tour with a moderate number of attractions, a trip with too many stops and destinations will make you tired and have not enough time to visit.